Photo Credit: Ramucy Photog

Photo Credit: Ramucy Photog

Steel the Sky Aerial Arts is a studio dedicated to development and growth through the aerial arts. We are a community - a place to connect with others and the sky.

We teach the skill of aerial arts through foundations of progressions. We do not offer a "trick" based curriculum; our focus, rather, is on form and technique and building your skill set through an intimate knowledge of and relationship with the apparatus. We want you to know why and how things work the way they do - gravity, physics and anatomy. You will learn aerial "tricks" and "moves", but they will be rooted in the understanding of how they work - so you can create your own "tricks" and "moves" and truly Steel the Sky!

We believe in providing a safe space for all humans to grow strength of steel and be as expansive as the sky - in all our capacities! 

Pamela Gardner, founder of Steel the Sky Aerial Arts, formerly offering classes at Hamilton Aerial Group.






"Pam is an amazing teacher. Her classes gave me confidence in and outside the classroom. She uses a range of creative techniques to teach everything from basic climbs to safe drops and much more. The warm up alone is worth attending. Her classes help you build strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina and rhythm of movement aswell as techniques to improvise for routines. Pam genuinely cares about her students, her energy is infectious and makes you want to smile even on your bad days. She can adapt to anyone's learning style. She has the patience of saint and you can be sure she will catch you before you even know you're about to fall. Her classes are great for any gender/body type and I have never experienced a more welcoming environment. <3"



"I can not thank Pamela enough for all she have taught me and still does: she is a brilliant teacher and an amazing human being.
I had just arrived in Canada when I decided to start aerial silk classes and Pamela's welcoming and supportive spirit gave me the confidence to begin and a sense of belonging.
Pamela explains everything carefully and she has an awesome energy. You will leave the classes feeling great and looking forward to fly back to it's awesome environment."



"I've only just gotten started but already I feel like I have found home. I love the challenge, the strength and beauty to this art. Pamela makes it entirely accessible and makes the rawest beginner feel welcome and supported."



"Pamela is the Ellen of silks teaching. She will challenge you - she will make you laugh and as you leave you'll realize you've done things you never thought you would be able to do. 

She is able to celebrate your strengths, make fun of the hard stuff all while maintaining a high level of expectations re: safety (both emotionally and physically). She is a gem. Watch out for this one."


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I think Pamela was born to teach - She can adapt to any learning style and respects and celebrates the different goals that students bring with them to class. Pamela will get you to do things you never thought you could do… in your first class! This is a supportive learning environment where students and instructors cheer each other on and take joy in each others MANY successes. I always leave class excited about what I’ve accomplished, and even more excited for what I will do next. Aerial arts are exhilarating, joyful and therapeutic, and YOU CAN DO THEM TOO!