Monthly Memberships 

Monthly Memberships are designed to fit your life.

 Monthly Memberships are not limited to the calendar month - rather they begin when you buy and expire in one month - you can start whenever you are ready to start and renew whenever you are ready to renew.   

Photo Credit: Mike Cameron

Photo Credit: Mike Cameron


Unlimited Monthly 

Unlimited - All the aerial classes and Open Jams.


Standard Monthly 

Standard Monthly includes weekly classes as well as an Open Jam to practice what you've learned. 



I have an intense life - it's my own circus :) I want to come out to all the classes, but my schedule is just too hectic to commit to a weekly time or utilize a monthly option. I need to be able to sign up for classes when my availability allows. I am dedicated to rocking the sky, but it needs to fit my life. 


When you sign up for any of the above options a robot will email you a unique (just like you) code that you can use to to book the corresponding classes through our classes page. Select the class you are booking and enter the unique-robot-generated code on the "Redeem Code" button to the top left.

We are the future! <3