Suspended Aerial

We love this! Not just because of the great pun, but because we believe everyone can rise above any and all obstacles. 

Photo Credit: Michael Humes Photography

Photo Credit: Michael Humes Photography

Give Suspended Aerial 

Be a patron of the aerial arts. This is no cup of coffee - it is the pay-it-forward of flight! This is the opportunity to buy classes for a budding aerialist who otherwise could not learn to fly. You can make the impossible possible!

Follow the link below to choose what you would like to give: partially subsidized classes, fully subsidized classes, a full 6 week class session or an on going scholarship for a dedicated aerialist. Leave us a "special note" at the check out telling us what you'd like the voucher code for your gift to be and see how long it lasts on our Suspended Aerial Availability page

Be sure to check out our news page for updates on the progress of the artist/art you sponsored.  If there is someone in particular you'd like to sponsor, check out our classes page to buy a gift certificate for that special someone. 

Receive Suspended Aerial

What a great world we live in! People are amazing! Someone pitched in for half your class fee/sponsored a full class/bought a full 6 week class session just for you! You can claim this now! Your gratitude in honour of your patron can be whatever you like - no pressure - but you are accepting the responsibility to pay-it-forward in your own way, with your own gifts, talents and hard work - inspire others! Show everyone that you can, indeed, make the impossible possible!

Do you accept this responsibility? 

Photo Credit: Michael Humes Photography

Photo Credit: Michael Humes Photography

Thank You!!!